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Natural Stone Jewelry   Natural Stone Jewelry

Hand made Leather Roses


Hand made Pottery

By Artist, Yvonne D. Cacy By Artist, Yvonne D. Cacy

Each pedal is individually hand cut.

Hand Thrown on a Potters wheel. Fired using
Each rose is hand assembled, and adorned with different glazes, and contemporary techniques, as
silk greenery,  silk flowers, including silk baby's well as classic techniques ,such as Raku. Each
breath. Rose's can be purchased alone, or inside piece is one of a kind, and individually unique!
a vase. Need one, two, a dozen or more! Rose's Pottery is not mass produced. The above was
can be created for all occasions, including named "Japanese Blossom". The technique was
weddings! Genuine pheasant feathers can be a low salt fire. Hand made in the U.S.A.
added, as well as custom air brushed colors!  
All Hand made in the U.S.A.  

Bronze Sculpture's

PRINTS from Original Oil Paintings

By Artist, Yvonne D. Cacy

by Artist, Yvonne D. Cacy

  Hand sculpted in oil based clay and hand delivered   Signed and numbered, these prints will add to  
  to a Bronze Foundry here in the U.S.A., where the   your home decor, as well as value to your Fine  
  bronzes are produced. High quality bronzes at   Art Collection! Limited, so please act now to  
  affordable prices! The Foundry has the ability to   assure your order. All produced in the U.S.A.  
  produce a Monument Size (Larger than Life) from      
  a small scale sculpture. These bronzes are signed      
  limited editions, making them Fine Art Collectables      
  Yvonne can create any bronze from either a      
  photo, and, or an idea. Latest creations in bronze,      
  includes a beautiful water fountain. I have      
  displayed my art in the top galleries here in the      
  Southwest, U.S.A.      


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